gfal2 2.16.1

Release date: 
01 Nov 2018

Release notes


  • [DMC-1099] - Checksum comparison in Xrootd is wrongly enabled for FTS transfers
  • [DMC-1106] - HTTP to HTTP streamed transfers timeout after 300 secs
  • [DMC-1107] - The instant throughut for HTTP Streamed transfers is wrongly calculated
  • [DMC-1109] - HTTP TPC failures are not logged at INFO level
  • [DMC-1110] - RequireChecksumVerification set to false only for HTTP TPC PULL
  • [DMC-1112] - Setting BEARER_TOKEN in gfal-copy breaks the redir with a pre-signed URL


  • [DMC-1095] - Refactor http streamed copy to support s3 multipart upload via Davix



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