gfalFS is a FUSE module for GFAL 2.0. gfalFS is able to mount any point of the CERN's stockage systemnbsp;like a local folder. 

Install and configure gfalFS :

On SL5/Fedora/EL :

  • Enable the epel repository ## install gfal 2.0 and gfalFS
  • sudo yum install gfal2-all gfalFS ## add yourself to the fuse authorized users
  • sudo usermod -a -G fuse [my login name] ## flush your user rights
  • su [my login name]
  • gfalFS /my_mount_point [my url]


It is available on SL5 and superior.

How to use it ?

authentificate yourself with the voms system ( voms-proxy-init..... ) and

    gfalFS [your_mount_point] [the_remote_url]

Example :

    # verify that you are correctly in the usergroup "fuse"
    mkdir ~/mount_tmp 
    gfalFS ~/mount_tmp lfc://
    /bin/ls ~/mount_tmp/
    cat ~/mount_tmp/testread0011
    gfalFS_umount ~/mount_tmp 

    # more examples 
    gfalFS ~/mount_tmp srm://
    echo "Hello" > ~/mount_tmp/myfile 
    cat ~/mount_tmp/myfile 

    gfalFS ~/mount_tmp gsi
    cp /etc/group ~/mount_tmp/myfile

    gfalFS ~/mount_tmp gsidcap://
    gfalFS ~/mount_tmp davs://

    gfalFS ~/mount_tmp -g # guid mode
    cat ~/mount_tmp/guid:4ff6feed-a6f4-4266-b783-9aff66ff54dc



FAQ gfalFS 

Version Release date
gfalFS 1.5.2 01-08-2016
gfalFS 1.5 18-03-2014

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