Known Issues

[DMC-853] GridFTP session reuse + PUT / GET through the same connection hangs


  • GridFTP session reuse is enabled
  • The remote endpoint supports the GETPUT extension


  • When uploading and then downloading a file through the same connection, the download process freezes, potentially causing a timeout.


davix 0.6.3


  • [DMC-821] - Code for multi-range requests allocates potentially huge buffer on the stack
  • [DMC-823] - The davix ROOT plugin does not build because of librt
  • [DMC-815] - davix: Stray "\n" at the beginning of output when manually specifying a proxy
  • [DMC-817] - gfal-copy output when copying to davs is quite odd


davix 0.6.0

Bug fixes

  • [DMC-194] - Davix has performance issues in case of fast small little chunk of data
  • [DMC-207] - DAVIX : add option in order to report result of failing request
  • [DMC-654] - Depending if the bucket is in the URL or not, the result is different
  • [DMC-729] - Custom --header option in davix-get is sent twice on a redirect


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