GFAL 2 utils are a group of command line tools for file manipulations with any protocol managed by gfal2


yum install gfal2-util gfal2-all

List of command line tools

gfal-cat Concatenate a list of files into the standard output.

gfal-chmod Change permissions for a file or directory.

gfal-copy Copy files from source to destination(s).

gfal2 2.13.3


  • [DMC-895] - Recursive directory creation: EEXIST shouldn't cause a failure
  • [DMC-901] - Xrootd succeeds to copy even if one of the storages does not support checksums
  • [DMC-909] - SRM Plugin: When BDII is disabled, SRM endpoint is built incorrectly
  • [DMC-910] - Leaks in BDII bindings and GridFTP plugin

davix 0.6.4


  • [DMC-824] - Impossible to upload directory if authentication method requires entering credentials manually
  • [DMC-835] - Segfault in libneon when downloading large file with a bad network connection

New Feature

  • [DMC-871] - Add option to suppress 100-Continue when uploading files


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