gfal2 2.15.2


  • [DMC-1009] - Segfault on gfal_load_configuration_to_conf_manager when there is an error loading the configuration file
  • [DMC-1010] - HTTP Plugin: Normalisation of destination url breaks S3 support for push third party copy
  • [DMC-1011] - Http transfers wrongly reported as success

davix 0.6.7


  • [DMC-950] - davix calculates invalid v4 s3 signature when using a non-default port
  • [DMC-957] - davix appends an extra space with --header
  • [DMC-961] - A neon session never retries after DNS lookup failure
  • [DMC-969] - davix increments the refcount for OpenSSL structures in a non-atomic way


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