gfal2 2.16.0

Release date: 
24 Sep 2018

Release notes


  • [DMC-1048] - Xrootd plugin: the query for the EOS-CTA extended attribute "sys.retrieve.error" should be asynchronous
  • [DMC-1055] - The Xrootd checksum preset should not contain leading 0s
  • [DMC-1057] - xattr.h is in glibc-headers >= 2.27
  • [DMC-1066] - gfal-sum does not honour HTTP 202 responses
  • [DMC-1067] - Xrootd plugin does not pass the checksum type
  • [DMC-1068] - Remove file after error in HTTP COPY
  • [DMC-1069] - Work with endpoints that support HTTP macaroons but not for COPY
  • [DMC-1084] - TPC with destination/source http are not working with dCache


  • [DMC-1046] - add support for gCloud in gfal2 http plugin
  • [DMC-1060] - xrootd plugin should clean destination on failure
  • [DMC-1064] - Add possibility to pass a BEARER token via ENV var


  • [DMC-1028] - RD_NB_STREAM in /etc/gfal2.d/gsiftp_plugin.conf has no effect
  • [DMC-1074] - Add DEFAULT_COPY_MODE to gfal2 http conf



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