gfal2 2.15.1

Release date: 
01 Feb 2018

Release notes


  • [DMC-998] - XRootD plugin: xrootd is not recognised as a valid prefix for copies
  • [DMC-999] - GridFTP Plugin: Third party copy does not work for ftp => gridftp
  • [DMC-1000] - GridFTP Plugin: Disable multistreams for plain FTP
  • [DMC-1003] - Fix typo UNKNOW => UNKNOWN for replica locality
  • [DMC-1004] - SRM Plugin: Map "None" locality
  • [DMC-1006] - if GFAL_CRED_X509_CERT is not defined, the XROOTD PLUGIN options are skipped
  • [DMC-1007] - Wrong default values in configuration files (TRUE instead of true)


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