gfal2 2.15.0

Release date: 
09 Nov 2017

Release notes


  • [DMC-977] - Missing closing bracket on the space reporting output
  • [DMC-979] - Total size reported incorrectly to be -1
  • [DMC-991] - GridFTP Plugin: Reset credentials when reusing handle with a different endpoint

New Feature

  • [DMC-989] - HTTP Plugin: If checksum is MD5, send Content-MD5 header


  • [DMC-954] - Drop davs+3rd, use only davs
  • [DMC-965] - When copying into/from srm, if the other pair is *not* srm, it should appear first on the list of protocols
  • [DMC-970] - Add Castor to the test endpoints
  • [DMC-975] - XRootD Plugin: Make normalization configurable (disable by default?)
  • [DMC-986] - Performance markers timeout should return ETIMEDOUT instead of ECANCEL


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