gfal 2.14.0

Release date: 
21 Jun 2017

Release notes


  • [DMC-918] - LFC Plugin: Doesn't work with [X509] CERT and KEY configuration
  • [DMC-921] - GridFTP plugin: When asking for server, there is a missing error check
  • [DMC-923] - GridFTP Plugin: PASV plugin leaks
  • [DMC-949] - SRM Plugin: Use double slash for absolute paths
  • [DMC-955] - HTTP Plugin: For third party copies, fallback should be done for EPERM

New Feature

  • [DMC-878] - Allow to use different credentials for different storages/paths
  • [DMC-931] - GridFTP Plugin: Striped Passive when IPv6 is used
  • [DMC-932] - XRootD Plugin: Prototype staging implementation using XRootD
  • [DMC-948] - LFC Plugin: Add checksum support
  • [DMC-953] - Copy event should specify the copy mode
  • [DMC-959] - Mock Plugin: Add signals on creation time, allow to disable by configuration


  • [DMC-929] - XRootD Plugin: Allow to specify custom xrd.* flags


  • [DMC-915] - Reorganize core
  • [DMC-928] - Clean up gfal2-util timeout info
  • [DMC-962] - Add a method to remove a configuration key


  • [DMC-936] - Copyright clarification


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