gfal 2.12.0

Release date: 
01 Aug 2016

Release notes


  • [DMC-833] - gfal2_add_client_info should overwrite existing key
  • [DMC-841] - Make scheme handling consistent across gfal2
  • [DMC-846] - File Plugin: Only strict URIs must be accepted
  • [DMC-848] - GridFTP Plugin: PASV plugin parses incorrectly some IPv6
  • [DMC-853] - [Known Issue] Connection issues when a PUT and a GET are done through the same GridFTP connection
  • [DMC-856] - Set user and password when accessing plain FTP
  • [DMC-858] - XRootD: Urldecode path before passing to xrootd libraries
  • [DMC-860] - SRM Plugin: Urldecode path before passing to srm-ifce

New Feature

  • [DMC-827] - GridFTP Plugin: Allow to configure blocksize
  • [DMC-849] - GridFTP Plugin: Fire an event if IPv6 is used
  • [DMC-866] - Expand '-' to stdout when used as destination for gfal-copy
  • [DMC-868] - GridFTP Plugin: Add spacetoken xattr


  • [DMC-852] - GridFTP: Workaround for Globus' higher priority to /etc/grid-security/hostcert.pem


  • [DMC-837] - When an operation is not supported, include the url on the error
  • [DMC-851] - Improve URI parser (breaks internal API)
  • [DMC-855] - Accept xroot:// as well as root://
  • [DMC-857] - GridFTP Plugin: Set ALLO to remote storages
  • [DMC-864] - Can gfal2 indicate the origin of errors (source/destination) when using GridFTP?


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