davix 0.6.4

Release date: 
19 Aug 2016

Release notes


  • [DMC-824] - Impossible to upload directory if authentication method requires entering credentials manually
  • [DMC-835] - Segfault in libneon when downloading large file with a bad network connection

New Feature

  • [DMC-871] - Add option to suppress 100-Continue when uploading files
  • [DMC-874] - Need to report quota free space as well


  • [DMC-816] - davix: Support for .netrc and .davixrc to store user credentials
  • [DMC-826] - Fix the clock_gettime / -lrt mess
  • [DMC-828] - davix: Improve error message when receiving 507 Insufficient Storage
  • [DMC-850] - davix does not report used space in directories
  • [DMC-854] - Expose davix version through its public headers


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