DAVIX 0.4.0

Release date: 
08 Dec 2014

Release notes

Bug fixes

  • [DMC-443] - Wrong section in .TH tag for libdavix.3
  • [DMC-444] - SSL Error related to too big digest (reported by Martin)
  • [DMC-472] - Davix follows redirection automatically even though redirectionSupport is switched off
  • [DMC-501] - SIGPIPE error with OpenSSL in Davix
  • [DMC-518] - Davix: POODLE vulnerability CVE-2014-3566 affects libneon, then davix
  • [DMC-538] - davix cmd line tool print an error in case of double authentication x509 -> login/password
  • [DMC-547] - Davix: update the functional tests
  • [DMC-554] - DAVIX: Thread-safety issue in the new davix logger system
  • [DMC-564] - Davix: libneon does not set OpenSSL thread callback for some plateforms ( Ubuntu )
  • [DMC-571] - Davix: Compilation warnings on the libneon part
  • [DMC-573] - Davix: Reinforce auto retry mechanism (dCache Door problem)
  • [DMC-581] - Davix: solve portability problem under OSX/BSD due to the new hard timeout support
  • [DMC-586] - Rare SEGV in Davix


  • [DMC-182] - DAVIX : implement a list bucket feature for davix on the opendir/readdir model
  • [DMC-474] - Log response body on http 3rd party copies
  • [DMC-476] - Delegation v2 support needed
  • [DMC-503] - Implement checksum support for S3 interface via Davix::File::checksum

New Features

  • [DMC-498] - S3 bucket creation support
  • [DMC-499] - S3 checksum support
  • [DMC-505] - Hard timeout support
  • [DMC-534] - Davix: re-design the logger to be more user friendly and easier to tune
  • [DMC-535] - Implement move operation into the File API
  • [DMC-552] - DAVIX: improve PUT operation support in the file API


  • [DMC-33] - implement buffered sequential read/write with davix
  • [DMC-349] - DAVIX : improve resilience of multi part parsing for wrongly formed boundary
  • [DMC-527] - Davix: implement rename support in the posix interface
  • [DMC-551] - DAVIX: Implement a cmd line tool transfert report information system
  • [DMC-579] - Davix: Refactor the logger using scopes, log level and replace printf style logging by format
  • [DMC-588] - Davix: SSL layer logs to stderr by default instead of the logger callback


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