DAVIX 0.3.4

Release date: 
23 Jul 2014

Release notes

Bug fixes:
    * [LCGUTIL-410] - davix-cp help is not up to date and confusing
    * [LCGUTIL-411] - davix-cp does not support the profile features of the davix command line tool
    * [LCGUTIL-454] - Davix: libneon ignores connexion timeout
    * [LCGUTIL-455] - DAVIX: bug reported by johannes concerning dCache and very long connexion re-use
    * [LCGUTIL-456] - LCGUTIL: davix under heavy I/O usage for vector query send sometimes empty vector query


SRC:   here
SRC embedded: here
Binary Linux (SL6 x86_64) : here
RPMS: here
OSX: "brew install davix"
Win7: here


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