DAVIX 0.3.1

Release date: 
04 Jun 2014

Release notes

* Support for transparent fail-over based on Metalink, supported by all read I/O with HTTP
* Multi-Range support compatible with TDavixFile/ROOT 5/6
        - Tested for dCache, DPM, Apache2, EOS, DynaFed, Owncloud, S3
* Implement SOCKS5 support based on libneon
* Add support for POSIX write operations, davix can now be used to write remotely on top of POSIX layer.
* Add getReplicas call, allowing to list replica of a resources using Metalink
* Introduce Checksum calculation feature
* Extend the command line tool with davix-mkdir, davix-rm
* Add long listing option to davix-ls -l
* Add the -P options to all command line tools, can be used to enable the usage of pre-defined profile
        - For instance "davix-ls -P grid davs://grid-storage.com/" enable all grid extensions for davix-ls
* Introduce a callback mechanism, allowing to intercept events inside davix based on std::function
* Drop internal library for boost ( dependency optional, git submodule )
* The "davix" http query tool is renamed "davix-http"
* First port on cygwin
* Add --headers options for personnalized headers inclusion in all query ( Ex: OAuth support )
* Add --trace-headers options to all command line tools for query debugging
* create man pages for each cmd line tool
* Reduce default connextion timeout from 180s to 30s

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