DAVIX 0.3.6

Release date: 
14 Aug 2014

Release notes


  • [LCGUTIL-418] - DAVIX: Solve OpenSSL issue with davix cmd line tools and password shell
  • [LCGUTIL-475] - davfile.getToFd does not return the number of bytes read, but 0 on success
  • [LCGUTIL-478] - Davix 32 bits ABI break problem
  • [LCGUTIL-480] - Davix maps badly http statuses to errno


  • [LCGUTIL-316] - DAVIX : Delete cmd should consider the multi-status answer parsing.
  • [LCGUTIL-446] - Davix: add cmd line option to ignore redirection on demand
  • [LCGUTIL-482] - Update doc for davix API and cmd line tool with new changes


SRC:   here
SRC embedded: here
Binary Linux (SL6 x86_64) : here
RPMS: here
OSX: "brew install davix"


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