Where are the configurations files of GFAL2 ?

The default directory for gfal2 configuration file is /etc/gfal2.d/
see the environment variable details for personnalized configuration

How to use a specific transport protocol with SRM ?

The priority list for SRM protocol resolution is defined in the configuration file srm_plugin.conf with the parameter TURL_PROTOCOLS

Example : TURL_PROTOCOLS=root;http;gsiftp;rfio;dcap
will use use in order of preference if supported by the server "root -> http -> gsiftp -> rfio -> dcap"

I would make a SRM to TURL resolution with GFAL2, How to do it ?

    char turl[2048];
    gfal_getxattr("srm://masrul/monfichier", "user.replicas", turl, 2048);


I would make a GUID to LFC resolution with GFAL2 and the gfal_lfc_plugin, How to do it ?

    char lfn[2048];
    gfal_getxattr("srm://masrul/monfichier", "user.guid", lfn, 2048);


I want a more verbose error report, How to do it ?

    gfal_posix_check_error(); // called after each gfal_* call


I need to create a GFAL2 plugin, How to do it ?

-> install the package gfal2-devel and gfal2-doc.


What about the license ? :

GFAL2 is only under Apache 2.0 license.

What are the environment variables used by GFAL2 and its plugins ?

by GFAL 2 core :

  • GFAL_PLUGIN_DIR : path of the plugin directory ( default is $libdir/gfal2-plugins/ )
  • GFAL_CONFIG_DIR: path of the configuration file directory ( default is /etc/gfal2.d/ )
  • LCG_GFAL_INFOSYS : url of the bdii

by plugin lfc :

  • LFC_HOST : url of the lfc used

by plugin rfio :

  • LCG_RFIO_TYPE : type of endpoint ( dpm or castor )

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