What is daviX ?

the daviX project is decoupled in two components.

libdavix: a C++ HTTP file transfert library. it has been designed for performant remote data access and data management for scientific computing.

davix cmd: a set of utility tools for data management and data transfert with HTTP.

The davix project supports features like session reuse, vector operations, Metalink, X509 client certificate, proxy certificate, proxy, WebDav, Simple Storage Service (S3)



Please consult the general documentation and our FAQ

Each davix utility has its own man page.
For using davix with the  ROOT data analysis framework, see here



Supported Plateforms:
- Linux ( Fedora, Scientific Linux 5/6/7, RHEL 5/6/7, Debian, Ubuntu )
- AIX, HP-UX ( compatibility for ROOT)
- Mac OSX
- cygwin Windows

Packaging Status :  here

Roadmap & Support:
Open bugs: here


Source Code

Github repository :

git clone https://github.com/cern-it-sdc-id/davix.git


Internal git  repository at CERN:

 git auth : git clone https://git.cern.ch/reps/davix

 git public : git clone http://git.cern.ch/pub/davix 

Web View


Version Release date
DAVIX 0.4.0 08-12-2014
DAVIX 0.3.6 14-08-2014
DAVIX 0.3.4 23-07-2014
DAVIX 0.3.1 04-06-2014
DAVIX 0.2.10 29-01-2014
DAVIX 0.2.8 09-01-2014

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