The davix project aims to make file management over HTTP-based protocols simple. The focus is on high-performance remote I/O and data management of large collections of files. Currently, there is support for the WebDav, Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, and HTTP protocols.

davix is multi-platform, open source and is written in C++.


Click here to visit the latest davix documentation.


DaviX is composed of two components:

  • libdavix: a C++ library. it offers an HTTP API, a remote I/O API and a POSIX compatibility layer.
  • davix-*: several utilities for file transfert, large collections of files management and large files management.

DaviX supports features like session reuse, redirection caching, vector operations, Metalink, X509 client certificate, proxy certificate, SOCKS4/5 or VOMS.
For a complete list of feature support, please read the documentation.



Easy Install:
Fedora, Scientific Linux, Red Hat: yum install davix
Ubuntu / Debian: apt-get install davix
OSX: brew install davix

Other OS or advanced users, please see the status  here

Roadmap & Support:
CERN bug report: here
External users bug report: here


Source Code

git clone https://github.com/cern-it-sdc-id/davix.git



Version Release date
davix 0.6.4 19-08-2016
davix 0.6.3 20-06-2016
davix 0.6.0 17-03-2016
DAVIX 0.4.0 08-12-2014
DAVIX 0.3.6 14-08-2014
DAVIX 0.3.4 23-07-2014
DAVIX 0.3.1 04-06-2014
DAVIX 0.2.10 29-01-2014
DAVIX 0.2.8 09-01-2014

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