What is DAVIX ?


davix is a C++ toolkit for advanced I/O on remote resources with HTTP based protocols.
It aims to be a simple, performant and portable I/O layer for Cloud and Grid Storages services.

davix is composed of a shared library, libdavix and of a set of utility tools for data management.

Libdavix offers a high level C++11 API for resources manipulations on top of HTTP.
davix has been designed for a usage as I/O layer for high performance computing and big data analysis

It supports advanced features like:
- Data management operations (listing, metadata, delete, directory creation, renaming )
- Metalink and Replica management.
- Vectored operations.
- Session and redirection optimization.
- X509 credential, Proxy certificate.
- Amazon S3 authentication

davix supports several HTTP based protocols :  Webdav (dav(s)://) and Amazon S3 (s3(s)://).



Please consult the general documentation and our FAQ
For using davix with ROOT, see here



Supported Plateforms:
- Linux ( Fedora, Scientific Linux 5/6/7, RHEL 5/6/7, Debian, Ubuntu )
- AIX, HP-UX ( compatibility for ROOT)
- Mac OSX
- cygwin Windows

Packaging Status :  here

Roadmap & Support:
Open bugs: here


Source Code


Git repository :

 git auth : git clone https://git.cern.ch/reps/davix

 git public : git clone http://git.cern.ch/pub/davix 

Web View


Version Release date
DAVIX 0.3.6 14-08-2014
DAVIX 0.3.4 23-07-2014
DAVIX 0.3.1 04-06-2014
DAVIX 0.2.10 29-01-2014
DAVIX 0.2.8 09-01-2014

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