High-performance data access client for HTTP-based protocols. (WebDAV / S3 / Microsoft Azure / HTTP)

davix 0.6.7


  • [DMC-950] - davix calculates invalid v4 s3 signature when using a non-default port
  • [DMC-957] - davix appends an extra space with --header
  • [DMC-961] - A neon session never retries after DNS lookup failure
  • [DMC-969] - davix increments the refcount for OpenSSL structures in a non-atomic way

davix 0.6.4


  • [DMC-824] - Impossible to upload directory if authentication method requires entering credentials manually
  • [DMC-835] - Segfault in libneon when downloading large file with a bad network connection

New Feature

  • [DMC-871] - Add option to suppress 100-Continue when uploading files

davix 0.6.3


  • [DMC-821] - Code for multi-range requests allocates potentially huge buffer on the stack
  • [DMC-823] - The davix ROOT plugin does not build because of librt
  • [DMC-815] - davix: Stray "\n" at the beginning of output when manually specifying a proxy
  • [DMC-817] - gfal-copy output when copying to davs is quite odd



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