Developpers and Contributors

Section Leader:
- Oliver Keeble, IT-SDC-ID, Section Leader and GFAL/LCGUTIL contributor


List of Developers:
- Alejandro Alvarez Ayllon, IT-SDC-ID, Main developer for GFAL2 components, fedora packager
- Fabrizio Furano, IT-SDC-ID, Davix developer
- Georgios Bitzes, IT-SDC-ID, Davix developer

- Mattias Ellert, IT-SDC-ID, Debian packager.
- Cristina Aiftimiei, EMI, EMI packaging.
- David Cameron, GFAL 2.0 xrootd plugin author.


Past Developers:

- Ben Couturier, CGSI-gSOAP developer
- James Casey, GFAL1/LCGUTIL  developer
- Jean Philippe Baud, GFAL 1.0 author and developer
- Ricardo Rocha, developer
- Todor Manev, srm-ifce developer
- Zsolt Molnar, GFAL1/LCGUTIL developer
- Adrien Devresse, Davix, gfalFS and GFAL 2.0 author and developer, fedora packager
- Duarte Meneses, gfal2-utils - Kwong Tat Cheung, IT-SDC-ID, Davix developer
- Michal Kamil Simon, IT-SDC-ID, developer
- Michail Salichos, IT-SDC-ID, developer

We certainly forget some, feel free to ask for any modifications.

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