gfal2-python in pypi

The gfal2 Python bindings are now available in PyPI. So all you need to do now in your virtual environment is just

pip install "gfal2-python"

And you are good to go. Mind that the gfal2 development libraries must be installed, among other dependencies. Check the entry in PyPI to see what is required.

GFAL 2.9.1


  • [DMC-620] - HTTP Plugin: Normalize S3:host to S3:HOST on all cases
  • [DMC-622] - Core: gfal2 crash when aborting staging operation
  • [DMC-626] - LFC Plugin: Off by one bug when checking for parent directory
  • [DMC-627] - LFC Plugin: When lfn:// is used, lfc_host was being left to NULL


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