davix 0.7.6


  • [DMC-1190] - Unhandled DavixException in secondary thread during multi-range simulation
  • [DMC-1191] - Memory leak in function trying to detect S3 region
  • Recognize OpenSSL 'bad decrypt' error message as CredDecryptionError
  • Fix error handling for proxy delegation


  • [DMC-1181] - Implement proper, abstract data provider class for davix HttpIOChain

gfal2 2.17.3


  • [DMC-1203] - gfal attempts delegation with S3 / gcloud during third party copy
  • [DMC-1210] - gfal2 recursive mkdir fails with file exist
  • Fix incorrect parenthesis in GridFTP checksum validation
  • Token credentials support for same-host HTTP TPC transfers


Thank you to Petr Vokac for same-host HTTP TPC support using token credentials.

davix 0.7.5

Bug fixes

  • Enable use of dav:// and davs:// in third party copies.
  • Fix third party copies when the server presents multiple certificate delegation endpoints. (Thanks to Thomas Hartmann for reporting)
  • Prevent davix from infinite-looping when the server abruptly terminates the connection during TPC. (Thanks to Frank Berghaus for reporting)



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